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After 50 years of experience, we desired to modernize the classic methods of agriculture and we started using organic crops. Organic wine is a product that comes from a cultivation method with very specific rules, which exclude the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It’s the outcome of agriculture and manufacturing philosophy that favors the relationship between the land and the nature, and in general it gives authenticity to the products we consume. Our selected cultivation method is Espalier and the crops are manually harvested. The wine is left to rest in oak barrels for about two years and this makes it soft, persistent and cool with a fruity final taste. Our experience is the result of our passion for winemaking related to the nature that Italian land offers.

Agrifedel is a real Made in Italy brand.




Biological wine is obtained  without  any chemical in vineyard culture in order to produce less grapes but ever 100% natural.

We rather prefer to harvest small quantity of grapes,  to guarantee a better product and also 100% natural.

Our wine is truly natural fruit juice and it'is bottled without any kind of sulphites.



our interest is totally focused on achieving a higher quality rather than just quantity...


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